Roads Update:  October 16, 2018

Welcome to our Roads Update page.  Should you have any questions during this final phase, please contact Wayne Dabrowski, Project Engineer at RCOC, at 248-294-9809/  Below are documents for the final phasing of the road work, explanations, and a map of our neighborhood for the phasing.

Phasing Info for Roadbed.docx
Microsoft Word document [217.7 KB]
Chestnut Run Phasing Plan.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [101.8 KB]

The meeting minutes from the CRN special meeting and a Q&A from the meeting are below for viewing.  They will also be posted under the annual meeting minutes tab for future reference.

Roads Petition Submission Email March 20[...]
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HOA Roads Letter.docx
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 Roads QA Email Jan-March 2018.docx
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HOA Special Meeting Minutes April 2018.d[...]
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CRN Special Meeting April 2018.docx
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Road Improvement Update May 2018.docx
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Documents from Bloomfield Twp.

Adobe Acrobat document [436.6 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [382.1 KB]
Answers to Commonly Asked Questions Road[...]
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Follow Up Questions to 12.18.17.pdf
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Special Assement Comparative Financing 1[...]
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Roads Q&A

Below are questions that the HOA received regarding the roads, the process, etc. We will update this periodically when we receive responses from Bloomfield Township.  Also, make sure to read the document above for additional information.


What is the difference between the Oakland County Road Commission (OCRC) process and the Bloomfield Township (BT) process?  Why are we following BT?


The short answer is, OCRC requires HOAs to pay according to road frontage per house and BT is divided equally between all homes.  Our neighbors who own corners or have wide frontages would pay more than the neighbors in cul-de-sacs , etc.  As an HOA, we decided that everyone should pay an equal share.  However, the OCRC still develops the initial estimate and BT reviews it before sending it to us.  BT also acts as project manager on the project.


BT follows Public Act 188.  See website here:


But doesn't BT require the petition to pass with 51% of homeowner signatures and 51% of frontages?


Yes.  We must collect 51% of homeowner signatures (both spouses, regardless of who is on the title) PLUS make sure we have 51% of frontages represented.  But everyone will pay the same amount if the petition passes.


I don't want to pay for new roads.  Where is the "no" petition?


The petition from BT is effectively a "yes" petition.  If you sign it, you believe we should re-do the roads at the price set by BT.  If you do not sign it, that is your "no" vote.  There is not a counter-petition.


Is there a way to counter the petition if it is signed by 51% of homeowners?


Yes.  If the petition receives 51% of signatures and 51% of frontages, BT will then hold two public hearings, at which time anyone may speak for or against the road improvement project.


BT states that the price is an estimate.  What does this mean, and what happens if the price is actually higher that what the petition says?


The cost from BT is an estimate, based on a database of many years of estimates for past projects.  They are confident in the price based on this database and their experience.  However, if the price is higher than 10%, BT will hold a third public hearing.  Regarding the estimate, this is what BT stated:


As discussed at the meeting, the RCOC develops the estimate in the petition upon field measurements and an updated database of costs for road reconstruction. 


I think the BT price is over-inflated and we can get a better price if we send it out to bid ourselves.  Why doesn't the HOA do that?


Despite being responsible for re-paving the roads, the HOA does not own the roads; the township does.  That means they control the process for bidding and over-seeing the re-paving to make sure it is up to the standards the township requires.  The township states this is because private bids will often include inferior road products or will not utilize the same engineering process to insure all of the potential issues are identified in advance. Additionally, this provides a level of professional experience and knowledge that the HOA Board does not have (i.e., construction, engineering, etc.), and thus, the current HOA Board declines to bid out the project.  Also, the HOA would be responsible for collecting the cost of the project from all of the homeowners.  This is what BT also stated:


The cost estimate and its breakdown is for all costs anticipated for the project.  Contingencies are standard in a project estimate.


What is the timing of the project?  What happens if they start the roads in late fall 2018 and they can't finish them before the snow, etc?


A hypothetical timeline was explained in the letter emailed to all homeowners in December 2017.  It is posted at the top of this page for reference.  That timeline used the hypothetical petition submission to BT of early February 2018.  We did not receive petitions from BT until mid-January 2018, therefore the likelihood of starting the project this year is very slim given the number of steps needed before the project can begin.  This is what BT told us:


The timing of the project depends upon when we receive the petition.  Once the petition is turned into the Township and certified with over 50%, it takes about 4-6 months to go through the process of the public hearings, bidding the project, and presenting to the Township Board and RCOC Board.  Construction occurs between April and November and will follow accordingly depending on the process and size of the project.

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