Welcome to Chestnut Run North!

Welcome to Chestnut Run North Neighborhood!  We are a warm and friendly neighborhood since 1985.

Announcements:  November 10, 2021

New to Chestnut Run North?  Welcome!  Please send us your contact information so we can update our online directory and include you in our periodic neighborhood updates.


The Neighborhood Directory is now updated for 2020!  Need the password?   Email Sara Bicos at sarabicos@yahoo.com.


Annual meeting.  The 2021 Annual HOA Meeting was held on Thursday, October 28 via Zoom.  Meeting minutes and financials are now posted on the website.  If you were unable to join our HOA meeting a few items of interest...

1. The HOA Board has looked into hiring a management company to take over the HOA duties as volunteers were not coming forward to help out. The average cost of a management company will run about $17,000.00 for the year. The residents at the meeting, along with the board, do feel that this is an exorbitant amount. We need a few more volunteers to step up and help with HOA duties (as we now have 2 volunteers)!
2. Due to delays and unforeseen cost increases (due largely to the Covid Pandemic) the projects we slated to be completed in our neighborhood were hit with higher costs than estimates and budgets allowed. We need to get everything paid for upfront so the landscaping and lighting* improvements are complete before we turn over our HOA duties, responsibilities and management to an outside company or a different HOA board of directors. For that reason the HOA Board is instituting a Special Assessment at a cost of $300.00 per home. 
*The lighting improvements are to complete the lighting project on the main island. We are installing electricity and several lighting options to provide different types of lighting on the main island/entrance to our neighborhood. We have been working on this project for about 4 years. 


Do you like the large recycle bins that some of your neighbors have?  Wish you had one too so you don't have to worry about your recycling blowing around the neighborhood on a windy day?  Contact Bloomfield Township to order one!  (It's free)


Every Thursday Bloomfield Township sends out a newsletter.  Go to bloomfieldtwp.org and click on the newsletter link on the left side to sign up.  Or email gkowalski@bloomfieldtwp.org to get signed up.  Once you sign up, you can also receive emergency email blasts, like when the township was under a boil water order.

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