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Welcome to Chestnut Run North Neighborhood!  We are a warm and friendly neighborhood since 1985.

Announcements:  May 2018

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Roads update.  The road petitions have been certified by the clerk of Bloomfield Township.  Thank you to everyone who attended our HOA special meeting on Wednesday, April 18th and thank you also to our guests from Bloomfield Township and RCOC.


On Monday, April 23rd, the certified petitions were submitted to the Board of Trustees of Bloomfield Township.  During the public comment time, several neighbors expressed disappointment in the process, pricing, and lack of transparency by BT/RCOC, and asked the Board of Trustees to delay acceptance, to remove some signatures, and to allow them time to investigate other alternatives.  The HOA Board spoke during the petition presentation and explained the process undertaken and the depth of communication to all neighbors.  We would like to again, thank everyone who lent a voice to this conversation.  Ultimately, the Bloomfield Township Board of Trustees unanimously accepted our road improvement petition.


The first of two public meetings regarding this road proposal was held on Tuesday, May 29th at 7pm at the Bloomfield Township Town Hall.  The pupose of this meeting was to authorize the project to be bid.  The Bloomfield Township Board of Trustees unanimously approved this request.  The next public hearing will be August 13th at 7pm at the Bloomfield Township Town Hall.  The final price will be presented at that time.  Please note:  if the bid comes back 10% higher than the estimate given in our petition, the entire project will be stopped and we wil need to start back at Phase 1, requesting a bid.


The Neighborhood Directory is now available!  Need the password?   Email Sara Bicos at sarabicos@yahoo.com.


Do you like the large recycle bins that some of your neighbors have?  Wish you had one too so you don't have to worry about your recycling blowing around the neighborhood on a windy day?  Contact Bloomfield Township to order one!  (It's free)


Every Thursday Bloomfield Township sends out a newsletter.  Go to bloomfieldtwp.org and click on the newsletter link on the left side to sign up.  Or email gkowalski@bloomfieldtwp.org to get signed up.  Once you sign up, you can also receive emergency email blasts, like when the township was under a boil water order.

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