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At the Annual HOA Meeting on October 16, 2018 the following amendment was approved and passed:


Covenants Conditions and Restrictions Article II Restrictions #16, to include the following clarifications:  Item 16.1

Regarding mailboxes, the following minimum standards are established and to be enforced:

- Mailboxes and supporting structures shall be constructed of brick*, metal, wood, or other HOA approved material.  No plastic mailbox structures or posts are permissible.

-Rotted or broken wood mailbox posts must be replaced, not shored up or repaired with added wood, bricks or string.

-Dented or damaged wood or metal mailboxes must be repaired to like new condition, or replaced.

-Mailboxes must be mounted approximately perpendicular in both planes (e.g., not leaning toward the roadway or right and left).

-New mailboxes must meet US Postal requirements and be pre-approved by the HOA Board prior to installation.

-Current homeowners who need to replace or to repair their mailbox should do so by August 1st, 2019.

*Due to Bloomfield Township ordinance, construction of new brick mailboxes is not allowed as mailboxes must be made of a material that can easily “break away” in the event of an accident.  Current brick mailboxes were grandfathered when the Bloomfield Township ordinance was passed.


At the Annual HOA Meeting on November 8, 2017 the following amendments were approved and passed:


Change Article VII, Section 2, number 2, from “written notice” to “written or electronic notice” to allow our email notifications.  


Change Article VII, Section 2 Number 3 from “foreclose on a lien against any lot for which assessments are not paid within 30 days of due date to “6 months of due date.”


Change Article VII Officers and their Duties Section 3 Term Change “shall hold office for (1) year for up to (5) years.  


Moved to strike Article 16 that states all commercial, for sale or for rent signs must have black and gold lettering.

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